torsdag den 2. februar 2012

Don Juan -in a new way!

Thursday the 19th of january "Don Juan" had its premiere at the Team Teatret in the city of Herning. The play is a collaboration between Nørregaards Teater  and Team Teatret. It will play at Team Teatret til the 10th of february and have RE-premiere at Nørregaards Teater in the city of Odense the 16th of february.
The set and the costume design was made by set designer Julie Forchhammer. I have been making different design solutions, been tailoring and sewing the costumes for the two actors, the two musicians and the 5 puppets.
It was the first time for me to make costumes which I have not designed, it was a fun and a great experience to collaborate with a set designer, though I prefer to design costumes myself! ;-) 

I call it Don Juan -in a new way, because I have never before seen a play about Don Juan in which all the ladies are puppets. I find it very refreshing. You are off course welcome to comment!

Actors : Ib Frendø & Heine Grove Ankerdal. Musicians: Nana Schwartzlose & Siri Skamby Madsen. Directors: Ebbe Knudsen og Hans Nørregaard. Set Designer: Julie Forchhammer.
Puppetmaker: Getrud Exner. Costumemaker: Malene Redder Ruby. Light design: Søren Lydersen.

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