mandag den 18. april 2016

News in the Blog-Shop!

I am happy to inform you that I have launched some new accessories primarily for brides and bridemaids in the blogshop. If you have a special wish for a custom made hair accessory for example made from the fabric of your weddingdress orsomething else, I'll be happy to help you.

mandag den 26. november 2012

I'm just wondering!

I'm just wondering....

What would you like to read about?

How often would you like me to post news on my blog?
How would you like to be involved?
How do I reach more people?

Any kind of blogging-tips are very welcome!
I am excited to hearing from you!

tirsdag den 13. november 2012

Three more photos! ;-)

The premiere in Cph went very well yesterday evening! Congrats to the Quasi team! And I wish you a nice tour in Iceland.

And a big thank you to Per Dunsø and Ola Strøm for their great story "Professor Djurstrøm och Gøte Skøtare" from 1977!
If you have kids, I can only recommend you reading the book for them. It may be translated into your language.

mandag den 12. november 2012

"Professor Do-Good" premiere in Cph this evening!

To night is the night, "Professor Do-Good" will have its premiere on Copenhagen this evening at 5 o clock and at 7 o clock. Book tickets at!

You will meet:
A thirsty crocodile made of empty bottles!
A hungry monkey made of empty roasted onions bags!
A sad camel made of empty chips bags!
A dangerous icebear made of mc-flurry spoons and cups!
A oil-infected turtle made of beercan tabs!
A well organised condor made of the packaging from fresh meat and plastic forks!
And at last snobbish moose made of coffee filtres and sponges!

I hope you will enjoy it and maybe give your kitchen waste a recycling thought!

More photos will be uploaded later this week.

Set & Costume Design by Malene Redder Ruby.
Photos Rasmus Arentsen.
Actors: Ida Cæcilie Rasmussen and Peter Øberg.
Theatre Company Quasi Teater.

torsdag den 2. august 2012

The fashion accessories designed by RedderRuby Costume Design can now be bought at Paddington in the city of Odense , at Èmber in the city of Jelling and in Fabr-k in the city of Vejle

The collars can as well be bought here at my blog-shop, -this site will soon be updated!

You are always very welcome to contact me with any kind of queries -private person or shop-owner!

mandag den 23. april 2012

Fun Stuff!

I just love things that make me smile! Since smiling is great, I will of course share some of these fun stuff with you.

I have for almost 5 years been loving the ceramics  of Tina Tsang. Her cheramics are all very beautifull but at the same time very grotesque. I just adore it...

You can buy the nice Tina Tsang ceramics at

Some years ago I fell in love with a silverplated barbie-arm-teaspoon. Unfornutenately I never bought it which I regret, because I have not been able to find it ever since. It looked so great, when the spoon was placed in a cup of coffee, as if a barbiedoll had been drowning! ;-) You can see some fun Barbie jewelry just below, which I really like a lot.

You can read more about the designers at

On you can buy these funny and scary pots for plants. Which I like a lot, but I think my daughter might be a bit scared of them. However I find the "baby hands ceramic salt and pepper shakers" very very scary, and I would never even consider buying them. Buyt what's the diffenrence??? Is it only because of the skin colour? or would they also be too scary in white china? I am very curious to hear you opinion. Please tell me you thoughts!
Did you like some of these design? Or are you disgusted by the items? Do you find them beautiful, kitch or just ridiculous? Do you have funny items in your home? You are very welcome to give me your opinion.

mandag den 16. april 2012

Barbie Workshops

Jeg har nu haft den glæde af at holde 5 workshops på biblioteker i det Østjyske. Det har været nogle super hyggelige dage med nogle rigtig søde piger der ivrigt, ihærdigt og flittigt greb de 2½ timer an med nål og tråd i hånden og kreativitet i hjernen.
I Odder, Hedensted og Juelsminde blev barbiedukkerne efterfølgende udstillet i montre på bibiotekerne, hvorimod vi i Brædstrup og Horsens lavede lynudstillinger og fik taget klassebilleder af både dukker og piger.

Pigerne kom enten alene, med veninde eller i selskab med mødre, bedstemødre og en enkelt havde taget sin far med. Jeg vil gerne takke jer alle for nogle rigtig gode workshops.
I var alle rigtig dygtige!

During the last two months I have had the great pleasure of teaching and inspiring young girls to make Haute Couture for their Barbie dolls. The 5 sessions took place at the local libraries in the eastern Jutland. The girls were from 6-13 years old, some of them had already been sewing and some of them had never handled a sewing needle. They were all very eagerly, energetically and creative throughout the workshop. I thank all of you. 

Haute Couture Barbie workshop på Odder Bibliotek

Haute Couture Barbie workshop på Hedensted Bibliotek 

Haute Couture Barbie workshop på Juelsminde Bibliotek 

Haute Couture Barbie workshop på Brædstrup Bibliotek 

Haute Couture Barbie workshop på Horsens Bibliotek