onsdag den 29. februar 2012

Quasi Teater 5 års jubilæum!

Stort tillykke med jubilæet!

Jeg havde igår glæden af at deltage i Quasi Teaters 5 års jubilæum. Quasi Teater består af instruktør Marie Kilsgaard Møller og producer Agnete Krabbe, deres speciale er vedrørende, debatskabende og politisk teater for børn. Og mestrer denne genre, og det er mindst lige så vedrørende for voksne!
Quasi Teater fejrede jubilæet med at fremvise tre af deres pt. turnerende forestillinger helt kvit og frit for alle interesserede!

Dukketeatermusicalen "Enten Eller" med Astrid Kjær Jensen og Camilla Bang fra 2011. Astrid styrer overbevisende alle dukkenes liv og sjæl mens Camilla fremfører lækker og eksperimenterene musik. En skøn forestilling både for de visuelle og de audiotive!

Depressionsmonologen Naiv Super af Erlend Loe fremført af Knut Steen.
Den er både super skøn og super naiv! Og meget vedrørende, et stykke vi nok alle kan leve os ind i!

Og til sidst den gøglede teaterkoncert "Den Danske Sang" fra 2009, som i korte træk handler om nationalisme og danskhed og sætter spørgsmålstegn herved. Jeg har set denne forestilling mange gange og morer mig hver eneste gang over de underskønne sexede damers fortolkning af den danske sangskat.
Medvirkende er Marie Nyborg Jørgensen, Olivia Franciska Fevel Borgels og Camilla Bang.

Jeg har som kostumedesigner været tilknyttet Quasi Teater i 4½ år og har designet kostumerne til 4 af deres i alt 5 forestillinger. Meet Meat 2007, Anarkistika 2008, Den Danske Sang 2009, Naiv Super 2011, Enten Eller 2011.

Se og book forestillingerne på Festival 2012 i Ringsted til april.
Glæd jer allerede nu til mange flere forestillinger af Quasi Teater! -Det gør jeg! ;-) Der arbejdes allerede på nye forestillinger.

De viste fotos i indlægget er alle taget af Rasmus Arentsen, men jeg har billedbehandlet Enten Eller og Den Danske Sang til dette indlæg.

torsdag den 23. februar 2012

The 84th Academy Awards

My expectations for the red carpet!
The countdown has begun, 3 more days to go, and many of us will be spellbound to the television screen watching the stars strolling down the red carpet in their awesome gowns. They will be sparkling. We can know for sure, that most of them have been preparing their look for hours and hours, many of them for even days and weeks, so that they can look absolutely stunning this night. I am always looking forward to seeing those stars making their entrance at the Kodak Theatre.
Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera 2003, Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture 2011,  Angeline Jolie in Elie Saab 2009, Vera Farmiga in Marchesa 2010,
Penelope Cruz in Versace Atelier 2007.

I adore watching all the beautiful dresses, but what I love the most is being surprised! I just loved it when Bjørk appeared in the swan dress designed by Marjan Pejoski at the red carpet by the Kodak Theatre in 2001. It was beautiful and funny at the same time. I also loved the costume she wore the Cannes Film Festival in 2000. The dress was very nice handcrafted, and was a great way of breaking the conventions for the female way of dressing.

 Bjørk in swan dress by Marjan Pejoski at the Oscars in 2001 and wearing an origami dress at The Cannes Film Festival in 2000.

However that’s more than ten years ago and not many women have dared to break the conventions since. Luckily the world has been blessed with a new outgoing and provocative superstar Lady Gaga, and I just adore her. You know, that it is going to be a fantastic visual and dramatic show every time she appears. The costumes and the things she has been wearing are not few, and I just hope that she will keep on surprising the audience and breaking the conventions. Thank you GaGa!

Lady Gaga at Brit awards 2010 a tribute to Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga in a Jean Paul Gaultier dress at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and Franc Fernandez's Design of Lady Gaga's Meat Dress at the Video Music Awards 2010,
Lady Gaga in a Giorgio Armani Prive gown at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

I do not expect the actors to appear in gowns as crazy, as the ones of Lady Gaga and Bjørk, but I think it would be fabulous if just one of the red carpet strollers would dare to surprise the spectators and their colleagues. However I will not be disappointed if none of them surprises me, because I still love watching nice dresses and beautiful people.

There is a middle way. The actors do not have to freak out like Lady Gaga at the Oscars to make me happy, but I would be overwhelmed if one of the actors appeared in one of the dresses designed by Viktor & Rolf in 2010. Those are just meant for the red carpet, if you ask me. They are totally high fashion, beautiful, sexy and very dramatic on the same time, and I just love them!

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010
I would also adore seeing people at the show wearing nice wigs, or having dramatic hair styles. I think that the actors are often too conventional in their way of hair dressing –extremely straight or classic diva curls! I think these pink wigs from Jean Paul Gaultier and the fluffy hairstyle in the center are extremely sexy.

Wigs and fashion by Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2012.
In the center hair & makeup by Myf Shepherd

One of the actors that will never disappoint me is Nicole Kidman. She has been my favorite superstar for more than a decade now. Though she is very classy, she manages to change her look very often. She can be sweet or sexy and no matter what look she appears in, it’s very believable. She is truly a great actress both off and on the screen.

Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier 2003, Balenciaga 2007,
Christian dior 2011, Gucci 2005.

You are very welcome to tell me who your favorite actress or fashion designer is, or what you love the most about watching the Oscars.

The pictures I have used for this post have been found at many different sites, and the photographers have not been credited, so I do not know the author of these photos, but I thank you.
Also thanks to: http://oscar.go.com/red-carpet, http://bjork.com/, http://www.ladygaga.com/bornthiswayball/http://www.viktor-rolf.com/, http://www.jeanpaulgaultier.com/brand/  and http://julialapin.typepad.com/bunnybisous/2009/02/i-prefer-to-smell-like-my-natural-self-naturally-i-smell-like-roses-though.html

lørdag den 11. februar 2012

Costume designing for Barbie dolls!

I have always been obsessed with great costumes! Whether the costumes were at the stars at the red carpets, pop stars at big concert stages, or costumes at theatres did not really matter. I was fascinated by them all. Some of the visual influences from my childhood were the sitcom Dynasty, Michael Jackson, Starlight Express and My Fair Lady!
Costume Design of Nolan Miller

 Costume Designs of I do not know, please tell me if you know it!

Costume Designs of John Napier

Costume Designs of Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton

My Barbie dolls had a great importance for throughout my childhood and I am certain, that those childhood plays have the honor of me becoming a costume designer. I am not ashamed to tell you that I really did play with my Barbie dolls till the age of thirteen. It was nice to have younger cosines with whom I could play secretly.
Three months ago one of my friends brought to me the idea of making Haute Couture dresses for Barbie dolls together with children at her library. And I thought it was a great idea.

Some weeks ago I got reunited with my old Barbie dolls. It was a great pleasure and a funny amusement seeing those clothes my Barbie dolls were dressed in, and suddenly I had spend one hour restyling them. I realized that I have actually never stopped playing, because in the meantime I have been designing and sketching during all my school classes and during my two educations.

I wanted to make some dresses for my Barbie dolls, both to check out how long it takes approximately to make new dresses for them, but mainly to inspire the children at the library to make their own Barbie gowns. I started finding all my fabric leftovers and making a colour theme that I liked. Afterwards I decided which Barbie doll the fabric leftovers would suit. 

Today I have designed new dresses for my Barbie dolls, to make the children inspired to make their own dresses for their Barbie dolls.

Today I will have my first session with kids at a library in the city of Odder and many more sessions at libraries are already settled. The kids will meet me, my sewing machine and my glue gun and all my fabric leftovers, and we will in collaboration make "Haute Couture" dresses for their own Bratz or Barbie dolls.

I am sure that it will be great fun and very interesting! I am looking forward to telling you more about this session!

torsdag den 2. februar 2012

Don Juan -in a new way!

Thursday the 19th of january "Don Juan" had its premiere at the Team Teatret in the city of Herning. The play is a collaboration between Nørregaards Teater  and Team Teatret. It will play at Team Teatret til the 10th of february and have RE-premiere at Nørregaards Teater in the city of Odense the 16th of february.
The set and the costume design was made by set designer Julie Forchhammer. I have been making different design solutions, been tailoring and sewing the costumes for the two actors, the two musicians and the 5 puppets.
It was the first time for me to make costumes which I have not designed, it was a fun and a great experience to collaborate with a set designer, though I prefer to design costumes myself! ;-) 

I call it Don Juan -in a new way, because I have never before seen a play about Don Juan in which all the ladies are puppets. I find it very refreshing. You are off course welcome to comment!

Actors : Ib Frendø & Heine Grove Ankerdal. Musicians: Nana Schwartzlose & Siri Skamby Madsen. Directors: Ebbe Knudsen og Hans Nørregaard. Set Designer: Julie Forchhammer.
Puppetmaker: Getrud Exner. Costumemaker: Malene Redder Ruby. Light design: Søren Lydersen.