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Costume designing for Barbie dolls!

I have always been obsessed with great costumes! Whether the costumes were at the stars at the red carpets, pop stars at big concert stages, or costumes at theatres did not really matter. I was fascinated by them all. Some of the visual influences from my childhood were the sitcom Dynasty, Michael Jackson, Starlight Express and My Fair Lady!
Costume Design of Nolan Miller

 Costume Designs of I do not know, please tell me if you know it!

Costume Designs of John Napier

Costume Designs of Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton

My Barbie dolls had a great importance for throughout my childhood and I am certain, that those childhood plays have the honor of me becoming a costume designer. I am not ashamed to tell you that I really did play with my Barbie dolls till the age of thirteen. It was nice to have younger cosines with whom I could play secretly.
Three months ago one of my friends brought to me the idea of making Haute Couture dresses for Barbie dolls together with children at her library. And I thought it was a great idea.

Some weeks ago I got reunited with my old Barbie dolls. It was a great pleasure and a funny amusement seeing those clothes my Barbie dolls were dressed in, and suddenly I had spend one hour restyling them. I realized that I have actually never stopped playing, because in the meantime I have been designing and sketching during all my school classes and during my two educations.

I wanted to make some dresses for my Barbie dolls, both to check out how long it takes approximately to make new dresses for them, but mainly to inspire the children at the library to make their own Barbie gowns. I started finding all my fabric leftovers and making a colour theme that I liked. Afterwards I decided which Barbie doll the fabric leftovers would suit. 

Today I have designed new dresses for my Barbie dolls, to make the children inspired to make their own dresses for their Barbie dolls.

Today I will have my first session with kids at a library in the city of Odder and many more sessions at libraries are already settled. The kids will meet me, my sewing machine and my glue gun and all my fabric leftovers, and we will in collaboration make "Haute Couture" dresses for their own Bratz or Barbie dolls.

I am sure that it will be great fun and very interesting! I am looking forward to telling you more about this session!

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