mandag den 23. april 2012

Fun Stuff!

I just love things that make me smile! Since smiling is great, I will of course share some of these fun stuff with you.

I have for almost 5 years been loving the ceramics  of Tina Tsang. Her cheramics are all very beautifull but at the same time very grotesque. I just adore it...

You can buy the nice Tina Tsang ceramics at

Some years ago I fell in love with a silverplated barbie-arm-teaspoon. Unfornutenately I never bought it which I regret, because I have not been able to find it ever since. It looked so great, when the spoon was placed in a cup of coffee, as if a barbiedoll had been drowning! ;-) You can see some fun Barbie jewelry just below, which I really like a lot.

You can read more about the designers at

On you can buy these funny and scary pots for plants. Which I like a lot, but I think my daughter might be a bit scared of them. However I find the "baby hands ceramic salt and pepper shakers" very very scary, and I would never even consider buying them. Buyt what's the diffenrence??? Is it only because of the skin colour? or would they also be too scary in white china? I am very curious to hear you opinion. Please tell me you thoughts!
Did you like some of these design? Or are you disgusted by the items? Do you find them beautiful, kitch or just ridiculous? Do you have funny items in your home? You are very welcome to give me your opinion.

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