mandag den 12. november 2012

"Professor Do-Good" premiere in Cph this evening!

To night is the night, "Professor Do-Good" will have its premiere on Copenhagen this evening at 5 o clock and at 7 o clock. Book tickets at!

You will meet:
A thirsty crocodile made of empty bottles!
A hungry monkey made of empty roasted onions bags!
A sad camel made of empty chips bags!
A dangerous icebear made of mc-flurry spoons and cups!
A oil-infected turtle made of beercan tabs!
A well organised condor made of the packaging from fresh meat and plastic forks!
And at last snobbish moose made of coffee filtres and sponges!

I hope you will enjoy it and maybe give your kitchen waste a recycling thought!

More photos will be uploaded later this week.

Set & Costume Design by Malene Redder Ruby.
Photos Rasmus Arentsen.
Actors: Ida Cæcilie Rasmussen and Peter Øberg.
Theatre Company Quasi Teater.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Det ser ud som en sjov opgave, Malene ;o)
    Så forstår jeg bedre du ikke har blogget så meget. . .

  2. Ja, der ligger rigtig mange timer i de kostumer, men det har samtidig være super spændende, sjovt og interessant!